Trump Dumper Style Crosses the Border

Canadian Clothier Creates Luxurious Way to Celebrate
Presidential Political Circus

In honour of Serge F. Kovaleski

Toronto, ON … July 14 2016 – A prominent Toronto men’s wear merchant has designed a way for the well-dressed North-American politico to vote for style and wear their political stripes. Located in the heart of Bay Street (Canada’s version of Wall Street) Vassi, an exclusive high-end men’s wear destination, today announced the creation of their exclusive ‘Dump Trump’ tie.

While Vassi’s Canadian clientele aren’t able to formally impact the would-be Republican candidate’s ascent to the White House, the ‘Dump Trump’ tie allows Canadians and Americans alike to be share in the political action and own a piece of presidential history from one of the most contentious campaigns in modern history

Vassi has chosen to donate all profits to the
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Featuring multi-colored dump trucks on the front and a bold (but hidden) ‘Dump Trump’ statement in text on the back, Vassi’s ‘Dump Trump’ tie allows the well-dressed man to both embrace the US political circus in a fun way, and potentially be an ‘Undercover Trump Dumper.’ Vassi designed the Dump Trump tie because he believes that fashion, at its best, should relate to current social events and reflect the mood of the public … but he’s not taking sides.

“I’m responding to what my clients tell me they want to wear. Canadians can’t vote for a President, but they still want to feel like they are part of the process.

The $100 (CDN) Dump Trump tie is handmade in Italy with 100% silk, America’s politically-minded style seekers will need to hop over the border to snag one of the designs, as Vassi’s ‘Dump Trump’ ties will be sold exclusively at his Toronto location starting Wednesday, August 10th.

The Dump Trump Tie is available in three colors: ‘Great Again’ Grey Blue, ‘Gonna Be Huge’ Basic Blue and ‘Believe Me’ Baby Blue.

Vassi is no stranger to political prominence, his store windows received international attention in 2012 by featuring both Obama and Romney tableau’s. This year, he is planning a series of increasingly controversial bi-partisan windows to punctuate the US political circus.

While Vassi is not making a play on his personal political stance, he is firmly against mediocre menswear and seriously considered using all proceeds from the ‘Dump Trump’ Tie to swing the vote against subpar suits in the White House.

However, Vassi has instead chosen to donate all profits to Canada’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – a cause to really believe in.